Dana White Confirms Jens Pulver's Release From WEC

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6/2/10 9:26:29AM
Ending speculation, Dana White confirmed Saturday to MMA Fighting that Jens Pulver has been released by Zuffa.

A report first surfaced nearly two weeks ago that the World Extreme Cagefighting featherweight, a former UFC champion and longtime fan favorite, had been let go. However, Pulver's agent, Monte Cox, told Versus.com that he hoped his client would remain with the company in a broadcasting capacity.

But White, Zuffa's president, said following the UFC 114 press conference on Saturday that will not be the case.

"He has been released," White said. "We had talked about Jens being a part of the WEC somehow, but he's not broadcasting."

6/2/10 12:50:54PM
sucks i like jens
he needs to retire already or go to japan and fight in dream if they will take him
6/2/10 2:03:55PM
Sad to see, yes his best days are behind him but hes such a great personality and I would have liked to see him as a commentator or even analysist for big fight, similar to Randy before he came out of retirement to fight Sylvia.
6/2/10 3:15:55PM
I knew this was coming, a bit surprised it took this long, but I think it's for the best. Pulver hasn't really had a decent outing since taking that first fight with Faber. I rarely say that "it's time" for a fighter to hang it up but it's time for Pulver. Let him focus on the contributions he can still make to this great sport, analysis, coaching, and mentoring. That's where he's best served at this point in his career. Fighting in small promotions just to get a win is a disservice to such a legend.
6/2/10 4:01:20PM
I like Pulver a lot. I mean it's hard not to like the guy after hearing his story, seeing the passion he has for the sport and watching his old fights. I think this is happening at the right time though. Jens has a lot offer the sport as a mentor, coach and ambassador and it's time for him to pursue those opportunities if he chooses. There is nothing I hate more then seeing a guy who is a legend like Pulver hang on a little too long. Awesome career...I don't need him to prove anything else.
6/2/10 9:22:43PM
I like Jen but he really needs to retire he should have retired after he lost the second time against faber
6/2/10 9:37:44PM
tough way for jens to go out. i have a feeling he'll be looking for one final big win somewhere in mma before he can let it go for good. i hope he calls it a day though, as he's now in a similar situation to ken shamrock, who tarnished his own legacy by continuing a few years too many.
6/4/10 12:51:41AM
6/4/10 1:24:05AM
I bet he'd be mean in Dream, the tourney thing seems like it would be his coup of tea.
6/4/10 6:57:30AM
Thought this would happen awhile ago. Jens is a cool guy but his fighting elite talent days are over. I like the whole Dream thing but, not sure he'd do too well. I wish him the best of luck. I hope he stays in the buisness and trains some up and comers. He was a good coach on TUF.
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