Dana Remains Against Lesnar In WWE Slot, Nothing On TUF Coaches

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12/29/10 6:57:25PM
UFC president Dana White still isn't quite ready to announce who will be coaching on the upcoming 13th season of "The Ultimate Fighter." However, White did say speculation that Frank Mir was pulled from a proposed UFC 128 matchup with Brendan Schaub in order to take a slot on the Spike TV reality series was unfounded. "We're moving [expletive] around all the time," White said. "What we like to do is that when we nail a fight and sign it, that's usually it. It's solid. But stuff happens with these other fights.
"We're still laying out the map for next year. [Mir's removal from UFC 128] has nothing to do with ['The Ultimate Fighter]."
"I don't know, man," White admitted. "I can't even talk about the 'TUF' coaches right now. I don't know." As for Lesnar, the UFC boss remains steadfast in his position regarding the former heavyweight champion and his desire to make an appearance for the WWE. "Not going to happen," White said. "He can't leave the UFC. He's under contract." Lesnar, a former professional wrestling superstar, has been linked to a potential appearance at Wrestlemania XXVII, which takes place in April. While White wouldn't reveal what is next for Lesnar, he made it clear the heavyweight won't be starring for the WWE anytime soon – even in some kind of limited special role. "Like row 3, seat 16?" White asked. "Row 3, seat 16 in aisle 2 sounds good to me."

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