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2/12/08 11:23:22PM
people crack me up. in football people get paid after 1 good year and dont matter if the 3 years before were mediocre. they can get cut and will keep there signing bonus. baseball its all guarenteed in there contract. as far as business that sucks. if i sign a guy to sell product for me and he comes in and sucks but is under contract i feel as owner of company i have the right to pull him from that job and place him elsewhere.
too many people defend randy. he signed a contract a year ago then wants to bolt?? his fame was as high as ever and wanted fedor. well you should have put that into your contract. dont blame the ufc or dana that they are smart and cover there asses while you and your legal team are idiiots.
for cro cop i think he will be released as mutual thing. he wants to move on and ufc wants to forget the million plus he made in his 3 lackluster fights.
2/12/08 11:43:01PM
can't blame fedor for not wanting to sign with the UFC
2/13/08 12:08:39AM
i dont think u can compare this to other sports cause there is alot more money plus unions and they have alot more Clauses in their contract that can f them hard and mma is an individual not a team sport . the fighters need a union (it is what the other sport athletes did to counter getting boned by their team) if they want to bitch so much bout contracts which " they signed" and u can say all u want bout dana and the front office of the ufc but im pretty sure they have brought mma to where it is now ( pride is dead, M-1 has to co-promote, ifl is in and out of trouble, ufc owns the wec, the other leagues are trying to keep but UFC is the top dog). not to mention no one really knows the full extent of the guys contract so we dont know the full legal terms.
2/13/08 2:59:53AM

Posted by tuvok500

I think it is more that if CC want to have a new conrtract with the UFC he will not be pay as much as his previous contract.

The UFC will honor their signature for sure.

The key here is that the UFC can at any time release a fighter of his contract with them.

So, they can just release CC now and give CC the opportunity to go somewhere else or CC can accept a new deal with the UFC for less than his previous 350000$ per fight, witch is now ridiculous considering his real actual caliber !!

Any organization have a clause in their contract who give them the right at any time to release a fighter like that, so no big deal here.

his real actual caliber? sure he lost some fights but anyone who knows the fight game doesnt question the caliber of fighter he is. there are plenty of things to question about CC right now but what caliber of fighter he is, is indisputable.

im sure that the ufc is within their legal rights but that doesnt mean that they are ethically right to construct contracts that give them the ability to release (or sometime even extend) someone without consent, but at the same time locks them in if they try to leave. the good news is that after randy's, fedor;s, and now CC's problems with the ufc contracts that the top tier guys are not going to be as willing to sign their careers away. if the ufc doesnt budge it will suck to see the best fighters dispersed but at least they will be treated fairly. you guys can look at these contracts as good business if you want but when they are causing some of the best fighters, like randy, fedor, and now CC (go ahead and slam him but he is still CC), and big tim possibly (again slam away but he is a tough fight for anyone in the world) to go elsewhere it may not turn out to be such smart business long term after all.
2/13/08 7:33:28AM
I think longterm it will change the business model of MMA in general. I agree that I wish the fighters stayed in the same organization, but if the UFC lightens up on contracts for the major fighters, they jeopardize the validity of their contracts with any fighter that wants to dispute it. Very tough call
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