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8/11/09 9:04:27AM
The changes for the UFC Fight Night 19 card in Oklahoma City continue to roll in as MMAWeekly.com has confirmed with sources close to the fight that Dan Miller is now set to square off against C.B. Dollaway in a middleweight match-up.

Originally, Dan Miller was stepping in as a replacement for Ed Herman to face Arizona Combat Sports fighter Aaron Simpson. Herman had been tabbed to face Wilson Gouveia at UFC 102 in Portland.

8/11/09 10:02:54AM
Stupid of CB to take this one. He just got submitted in one minute by Tom Lawlor, not even a Ju-Jitsu guy really. Now, he's fighting Dan Miller? I think Cb has a lot of potential and maybe wants to prove something by taking this fight. But I dont think hell be able to avoid Miller's submissions for 3 rnds, even though hes better in all other aspects. I see CB losing the same way he lost to Lawlor. He wont be able to do what Sonnen did.
8/11/09 10:58:40AM
Perfect match up for Dan Miller on paper.
8/11/09 11:16:47AM
This is a pretty good matchup, I will have to go for Miller, simply for the fact that CB let me down big time in his last fight.

Plus you cant go wrong with Miller time. I dont see CB doing what Sonnen did to miller. So Miller R1 or R2 sub or UD.
8/11/09 11:21:33AM
Good! Now CB will lsoe again and get booted from the UFC! I cant stand that guy. I swear that season had the least talent.......
8/11/09 12:11:29PM
Really? Dollaway, Riddle, Credeur, Sadollah, JT, Matt Brown? That season was pretty stacked compared to last season.
8/11/09 12:26:54PM
Dan Miller by arm in guillotine that puts CB to sleep after he shoots in for a sloppy double.

He is a wrestler, but he's not Sonnen, and he won't be able to GnP someone like Miller for 3 rounds.

Besides, those Miller brothers are wicked!
8/11/09 12:50:56PM
Cb will get choked out...kind of suprised they are matching him up with Miller, which is a real bad matchup for CB....but then again he hasn't had the success that they thought he would.
8/11/09 12:52:04PM
I pretty much agree with everyone else on this one........I see another loss for CB, and possible be given the boot after this one.....
8/11/09 2:24:50PM
I got Miller too. I cant wait to go to these fights!! I was kinda worried that they would just drop the fight off the card since they already had ten. This is great news.
8/11/09 6:55:56PM
very very bad match for cb
easy pick for me though, i like dan
but with all the changes on the card i gotta give a shout out to them willing to fight anyone or weeks notice wherever and who ever that person may be
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