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POLL: Thiago Silva vs. Dan Henderson
Thiago Silva KO/TKO 13% (4)
Dan Henderson KO/TKO 53% (17)
Thiago Silva Submission 0% (0)
Dan Henderson Submission 3% (1)
Thiago Silva Decision 3% (1)
Dan Henderson Decision 28% (9)
4/25/08 4:08:21PM
I think Dan Henderson has a better chance at 205 as weird as this sounds (I believe he would beat Jardine, Forrest, Lyoto, Wanderlei again, etc). In his first two matches he fought two of the top p4p fighters in the world. There was no adjusting period for Dan in the UFC. Cro Cop got Sanchez, Rampage got Eastman, Henderson comes in and has to unify both pride titles right away. I want to see him move up to 205 for good there are way more compelling matches there. It is pretty obvious Thiago Silva is going to steam-role through Antonio Mendes which will make him 13-0. Lets see the difference between a tough as nails veteran who had to fight the top fighters in the sport in his first two returning ufc fights and a young undefeated fighter who is knocking out guys left right and center.

i miss hearing dan henderson being announced as the victor in pride: "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Hennnnderrrsonnnnnn"

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4/25/08 4:27:20PM
i think Hendo would take it.
4/25/08 4:48:04PM
2 bruisers that both like to come forward. I take hendo in this though.
4/25/08 6:45:41PM
I would have to agree with Hendo. But this would be a great matchup. I have never thought of it before. Hope it goes down someday. Maybe for the strap.
4/25/08 11:37:40PM
This would be a dope fight. A really good test for Thiago, and a good bounce back fight for Henderson. I find it hard to picture Silva coming away with the win, just because Henderson has that cast iron jaw. I think they would both be pushing the pace standing up, and that would be fairly even, but I think Hendo gets enough take downs to control the fight and get the decision. Henderson has to much experience in my opinion, but I think that it would be a close fight.
4/25/08 11:45:52PM
Thiago TKO.... 2 Knees and then GnP....

I know about Hendo's Iron Chin, but he got rocked by Anderson knee, and I bet Thiago's are heavier.
4/25/08 11:48:11PM
i got Decision Dan in this one. Wrestling domination into a clear UD. i don't think Thiago has the BJJ to sub him and i see Dan being on top for all 3 rounds and pounding his way to a UD.
4/26/08 12:18:48AM
This would be a great fight for both guys. You get to see Dan attempt to get back in the win column, and Thiago is tested. Dan being a strong physical wrestler, against Thiago a good striker, and very solid ground game. I think Dan wins a UD controlling him on the ground, and avoiding submissions.
4/26/08 12:24:15AM
Hendo all the way
4/27/08 8:07:03AM
Hendo via huge right overhand haymaker

The screaming Pride lady, I forget her name it's like Lorrane Hardt or something I forget.

She's hilarious haha I sometimes miss her too I don't know why.
4/27/08 7:38:55PM

Posted by Ordep

Thiago TKO.... 2 Knees and then GnP....

I know about Hendo's Iron Chin, but he got rocked by Anderson knee, and I bet Thiago's are heavier.

bw in an interview... hendo said that it wasnt the knee.. he got rocked when he was on the ground.. with a good punch.. but he (like usual) put himself on the ground
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