UFC Cuts Phil Baroni (Again)

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1/4/11 9:20:41AM
As expected, Phil Baroni is once again unemployed. Albeit temporarily. Baroni was cut by UFC for the second time after his UFC 125 loss to Brad Tavares, givin ghim the Losing Streak Of Doom once again, but according to sources close to him he's already received offers from at least 5 smaller organizations. Baroni's career mark is now 13-13 but only 3-7 in UFC.

1/4/11 11:46:20AM
I dont understand why they keep signing Baroni, than cutting him.

I wanna see Trigg vs Baroni - that would be a fun fight between two known fighters who have lost a lot recently, maybe as an undercard fight.
1/4/11 1:56:01PM
he looked good and was in the best shape of recent memory. giving Tavares that little break with that knee was the worst thing that could have happened as it gave him time to recover, which was unfortunate.

they still roster MWs like McCray (sp?) , Grove, Antonitto and others who are worse fighters imo, and fans love Baroni. i would love to have him fight one of those guys and get a W
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