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8/9/07 1:13:02PM
Did anyone watch his fight last night? I had no clue who this guy was and wondered why he's fighting Pulver next. He fought Micah Miller(Cole Miller's brother) and was nonstop punching and being active. This guy is certainly no pushover and has all the tools to beat Pulver. Great ground game, great stand up, great wrestling, and great cardio. I think I might have to change my choice and pick Swanson beating Pulver by UD.
8/9/07 2:07:12PM
Yes, that was a great fight. It was on "WEC WrekCage" last night, for those wondering what the heck we're talking about. I think they replay those a lot.

I have to give the edge to Pulver until I see otherwise, but I think it will be a good matchup.
8/9/07 2:41:19PM
I also believe in Cub.

I picked him to beat Pulver origianlly and I am going to stick with that.

I am a fan of Pulver too, but I pick who I think will win, not who i am rooting for.
8/9/07 2:47:47PM
WEC WrekCage re-airs events much like UFC Unleashed.

But.. Cub Swanson had a great fight against Micah. I was very impressed with Micah's ju-jitsu. Although he was unable to submit Cub Swanson, the omoplata to gogoplata attempt in the 1st round was ridiculous. It was very skilled and unbelievable that he almost got it off.

Swanson did well though, but I think his looping punches will be met by Pulver's much superior boxing skills.
8/9/07 3:18:41PM
Cub is smart though and will take this to the ground.
8/9/07 4:24:26PM
I've got Cub too. I don't think Pulver has the heart for this anymore, which is sad because I like him a lot. He just doesn't come out firing like he used to, and against a hungry guy like Cub, that'll be the death of you.
8/9/07 5:58:34PM

8/10/07 1:03:28PM
i couldnt believe the odds, ive seen cub fight a few times, but i think jens wil lose this fight more than cub will win it.

joe lauzon displayed him as one dimensional, and when he went out agains bj penn, he was scared to let his hands go. i dont understand how someone can have 2 embaressing loses and be a -400 some overdog?

and pulveri is one of my favorite fighters, and i think hhe is the epitomy of class. a fight yyou guys may hhave not seen , type pulver joe jordan in youtube. sometimes you don't play wiith fire.
8/11/07 8:58:34AM
he is good but jens pulver will stop him via the good ol ko
8/13/07 10:25:28AM
i also have cub taking this one
8/13/07 4:05:46PM
i think jens lost the heart to fight i hope he ant i like him he's a beast but i got cub to win that dude is an up an comer he's on FIRE...
8/14/07 12:08:35PM
why are people saying Jens lost heart? This is a new start for him in the WEC and he is very excited, Cub is good but he hasn't faced a striker like Jens and Jens has fought guys with better wrestling and jiu-jitsu.
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