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8/17/07 9:24:00PM
WEC featherweight star Cub Swanson will put his 11 fight winning streak on the line against his toughest, most experienced opponent when he takes on former UFC lightweight champion Jens "Little Evil" Pulver on September 5th. Check out what Swanson had to say as he talks about his training for Pulver and what to expect when the two meet as he's confident the fight won't make it out of the first round.

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8/17/07 11:28:38PM
Not to take anything away from Cub, but Jens can now fight at a more comfortable wait, not to mention the fact that after being a coach in TUF show, he thanked everyone, and especially Penn, for reminding him how much he loves the sport. This brought back is love and interest and drive, not to mention his will to win. He''ll be training hard and hel'll be ready. He wants this fight and is more motivated now that he has been for a while.
Obviosly, being the unpredicatlve sport that mma is, anything can happen, but I like Pulver in this one.
8/17/07 11:49:39PM
I really wouldn't be surprised if Cub took this one to be honest, he is a very explosive fighter. I'm still picking Pulver to win.....but it certainly would not shock me if he was overwhelmed and beaten by Cub.

(course with the secondary league's betting line being +420 for Cub, I'm definitely putting "money" on the upset, regardless)
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