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8/16/07 11:13:09PM
dont get me wrong i think gonzaga has a great chance of winning but im goin with couture, and i cant decide whether to go with decision or late tko. ive chaged my pick like 3 times already what do yall think
8/16/07 11:18:14PM
I think Randy need to first get GG down then Press him against the cage also try to get mount and GnP the dude into a TKO

this should happen by the 2nd round and it will be over the 1st round they will fell each other out
8/17/07 12:26:45AM
He dousn't
8/17/07 12:33:38AM
Couture has better cardio than Gonzaga I think decision but maybe ground and pound.
8/17/07 12:45:47AM
Ground and pund wont be the way to for randy. gonzaga is great on the ground. i say he goes at him like he did at tim sylvia. with a brutal stand up attack and with his conditioning
8/17/07 6:45:49AM
Randy will outlast GG and win a decision
8/17/07 10:21:23AM
Randy should take him down first round and pound on him to tire GG out then watch for that high kick begining of second round Coutre will duck and take him down and Ground and Pound his face in thid fourth fith same

Couture UM Deciton
8/17/07 11:17:39AM
randy by UD
8/17/07 11:45:52AM
Randy third round TKO by GNP
8/17/07 5:18:59PM
Im definetley thinking a decision but i tell you what he needs to watch out for the loppy head kick!!Im sure Gonzaga is going to try and use it all the time now just because he got lucky once with it.
8/17/07 7:09:17PM
i don't buy into the GG hype. he beats CC and all of a sudden he's the greatest......come on. randy 's got this one in the bag, for sure. G'n'P stoppage in the later rounds. i think CC lost that fight on his own. to me it looked like he thought GG wa gonna be like another Sanchez, somebody he would walk through, and it cost him the fight. randy won't take this fight lightly, and will beat GG back down the ladder.......GG's 15 minuetes are just about up!
8/17/07 7:14:55PM
Yeah they are GG is being super hyped because he stole CC shot
8/18/07 3:06:32AM
Gonzaga has very underrated striking and he is very sound on the ground. The longer this fight goes, it's couture's fight as i think randy has better cardio
8/18/07 8:05:57PM
I have second round KO due to GNP..
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