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10/12/07 6:32:38PM
Like I said in another thread,Dana blames this on Coutures agent.Wonder why Liddells people aren't doing the same thing thing?He can get on entourage and get in music videos,and he stays happy?

Well maybe it has something to do with Liddell making more than Couture?
Just an idea to throw out.

I think White's bashing of Fedor was very dissrespectful as well.He obviously is getting madder the more this continues on.He was offering Fedor more to come over than Couture was previously making,and all he can do is bash the guy?

Dana needs to learn money can't buy him in or out of anything he wants.As of right now the guy is burning bridges and looking like a baby.Mean while,smarter,more well versed promoters will sneak up and bite UFC in the ass, one at a time.No matter how many PRIDE's he gloats about buying out,another organization will always be on the rise if the UFC continues down this road.They're as of now the biggest MMA orgainzation in the world.Instead of coming off as a teenager with an attitude,Dana White and the people behind Zuffa need to step up and set an example of why they are number one.Instead they have show us they are little more than greedy children that found their daddys wallet and decided to go nuts.

I don't see UFC being second in this sport for quiet some time.But the right promoter,with the right amount of money and a good stable of fighters probably equals the UFC in class and degnity to it's fighters.

I guess i'm done for now.
10/13/07 5:50:28AM
RIP Couture...

I just hope that he returns...
10/17/07 8:32:11PM
this wont ruin ufc but he is without a dbout the best mma fighter of all time
10/17/07 8:52:52PM
that realy sucks cuz i wanted to se him kick the shit out of fedor
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