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11/19/07 4:13:51PM
Former contestant on season five of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and 155-pound beanstalk, Corey Hill, will make his UFC debut Wednesday, January 23 at 9 p.m. ET on SpikeTV.

No opponent has been named at this time. In addition, no venue has been announced for the show.

11/19/07 4:18:46PM
I look forward to seeing this guy fight....I thought he was very entertaining and showed a lot of potential.
11/19/07 4:34:58PM
corey hills gonna be a beast in the future
11/19/07 4:41:13PM
i hope he lives up to his potential because he could be a serious title contender down the road if he does, really looking forward to seeing him fight.
11/19/07 5:46:10PM
yeah cant wait to see what he brings now after training some more with great camps prolly be facing another TUF member i would think.
11/20/07 7:23:57AM
LOL it seems like when anyone mentions a good LW fighter with potential they are a likely title contender, methinks Corey would be somewhat susceptible to takedowns from a sherk or stevenson, he could be quite good and hang in the ufc but he isnt a future champ imho
11/21/07 1:11:24AM
This guy had a lot of charisma and if he has been sucking in as much knowledge and training as he can for the last year or so, who knows he could really go places. Man his reach advantage in the LW division is insane.
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