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10/30/08 3:06:26PM
avatar bet me PLEASE.............
10/30/08 3:13:34PM
Sure on what

I'm willing to bet against Stevens here
10/30/08 3:16:31PM
yeh i like florin as well....

id take maia....or lesnar....or gonzaga..or mclovin....or some WEC fighters on wednesday's card
10/30/08 3:22:20PM
Which WEC card and fighters? its a month or so but I'm willing to pick Ironman Tamura to beat Fabiano at 37. I'm also to picking Chael over Filho

10/30/08 3:25:05PM

Posted by copcopps

I'm also to picking Chael over Filho

Hop. On. This. Immediately!!!
10/30/08 3:35:20PM
you know, i kinda like chael as well, im at least laying some $$$ down, but im willing to do that..... dont seem offended, which is is NOT personal.......i just feel like you already lost a bet with that av....
10/30/08 3:44:39PM
I'm not offended at all. I was kind amad at everybody who shat on CHicago because they kept on booing because fans that boo are everywhere in the US.

But that's besides the point and hey, its just an avatar.
11/2/08 11:00:08AM
hey if MFOTHER doesnt go with you on the filho fight. I will...
let me know what you want to do...

ill go with filho, if your opp.

Lets say loser, sports the winner's choice of avatar for 1 month?