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7/27/08 11:16:02AM
So UFC usually guarantee the broadcast of 5 fights and I assume this will be the case since there;s no Title Fights on this cards being all of them 3rds. So far they have 4 main card match-ups and 4-prelims announced, and those are the same as the rumors around. So, what could be the 5th main card match-up?

I would love to see Kampmann vs Quarry as that 5th fight.

Other Options (possibles but that I don't like)...

Sherk - Maynard -Clementi ( any match-up btw those 3)
Amir Sadollah vs. ________ (IFL guy maybe?)

Then the other 2 or 3 prelims could be from the stack of low ranked LWs or the new IFL breed and TUF losers.
7/27/08 1:16:43PM
kammpman is injured

but they have 4 solid fights
the chonan vs carneiro i wouldn't mind seeing
but they do need to add at least 2 more fights two the card
i think one will be last main card but then again look at 87
4 good fights and a manny vs rob which should be a prelim
i think they need to add a heavyweight fight as well
7/27/08 8:34:54PM
Roy Nelson vs Antoni Hardonk
7/27/08 9:56:57PM

Posted by Mayhem13

Roy Nelson vs Antoni Hardonk

Gonzaga - Hardonk better
7/27/08 10:54:52PM
still thinking, I want to make my ticket worth the price....and assuming Joe Silva will read this (yeah sure)

Gonzaga vs Hardonk
Quarry vs McFredies
Sakara vs Rivera
7/27/08 10:57:23PM
Sakara broke his ankle...dont know how its healing up...but that was only a month or so ago...

but I would really like to see him fight Dante..and get a KO win back on his UFC record
7/28/08 1:50:27AM
Chonan vs Carneiro is gonna be a really good fight. I wouldnt mind seeing it on the main card.
7/28/08 12:14:43PM
i would really like to see them put quarry vs mcfedries together, that would be a great fight.
7/28/08 12:28:08PM
I'd like to see Nelson get kicked in the gut... But Quarry vs McFedries would be a perfect matchup.
7/28/08 1:28:49PM
This card already looks pretty good. If they threw a McFredries Quarry fight it would round the card out nicely. If I were to choose the cards line-up as is, it would be.

Iceman vs. Evans
Franklin vs. Hammill
Hendo vs. Palhares
Yoshida vs. Parisyan
Kim vs. Brown

Swing - Carniero vs Chonan

If Quarry vs. McFredries were to come to fruition I would put in on the main card and bump Kim vs. Brown to the swing.
7/28/08 4:02:22PM
I'd love to see quarry fight again. It's been a while.
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