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8/7/07 4:36:36AM
From Sherdog on Fedors' s choices. I think the UFC should give on the sambo ,and even sign one or two red devil fighter's. However, his manager trying to strong arm the UFC into co-promotion is ridiculous IMO.
8/7/07 7:23:55AM
UFC needs to stop whining about the sambo. They let their fighters compete in wrestling and bjj tournaments. Fedor's management needs to forget about co promotion, especially regarding Fedor's contract, because that is strong arming. Settle in the middle, Zuffa sign 3 or 4 Red Devil fighters to fight in WEC and Fedor's brother Aleks. They already agree on the money, which is the hardest topic.

Then move on to Gomi, Barnett, Hunt, Aoki, Melendez etc.
8/7/07 7:44:17AM
3 or 4 seems a little excessive and there's no way aleks is getting signed to fight in an american promotion with his criminal record. His manager does need to drop that garbage about running an event for them in russia, it's ridiculous, but I agree that it's not unreasonable for them to sign 1 or 2 red devil fighters and they really need to just give up on trying to keep him out of sambo because that obviously is not happening.
8/7/07 9:17:08AM
if he doesn't sign either he(highly doubtful) is a pussy, or his manager is just a moron.
8/7/07 10:08:20AM
Russia is a poor country full of crooks and liars who are trying to make an American dollar. Obviously, Fedor's representation is trying to cash in on Fedor's success. They've done this for years and years in multiple sports, specifically in the NHL negotiations.

The UFC should give in on the Sambo tournaments. They are open to amateurs and they are Pan Am Games type events. Nothing professional or paid about it. It's a show of who is the best in the world in Sambo. But the co-promotion is a no-no. They should either tell the Russians that they will come to Moscow, but produce their own show and showcase some Russian fighters, or tell them they won't come at all. No co-promotion. If Fedor is smart, he should know his delegation is trying to squeeze a buck out. He probably knows they are doing to the UFC representation thinking they will give in, but if Zuffa doesn't give in, he may sign anyways with the promise of being able to attend his Sambo tournaments, maybe a few prospects in his camp will be signed, but no co-promotion.
8/7/07 10:21:14AM
Im getting sick of this will Fedor sign crap! I wish he would, but its getting old. If he wants to fight the best then he needs to come to the UFC, if not then go somewhere else. Fedor is the biggest "free agent" out there right now, but he will need the UFC more than they will need him in time. The UFC if not already soon will have the best HW division, if he is not fighting their then he is going to fall from the top fighter in the world spot. Going to more of a what could have been spot. I just hope when I get home from work I get on here and It says Fedor signs UFC contract. I don't really care who the contract favors.

8/7/07 10:54:10AM
I really have a hard time seeing him NOT sign with the UFC. Ultimately even though he IS the best and he should be able to use that as leverage, the UFC also has the leverage of having literally all of his competition other than Barnett. I also have a hard time believing the UFC is refusing the sambo part of the deal as much as they are refusing to let fedor's manager milk their success by allowing him to produce a show for them. They are probably also not very happy about the package deal they're trying to force, but I could also see them taking on one or two fighters for the WEC... even if they are not top notch competition they will still be good additions to a secondary league like WEC.

I think Fedor's management is just making this whole deal way messier than it needs to be. They need to just deal with getting Fedor the best deal HE can get based on HIS success, all that means is the Sambo and a nice payday, and we all know that one of those two things is not an issue.
8/7/07 11:52:46AM
i think they should sign fedor's brother (who's name is slipping my mind currently) alexander i think.. sorry.
but i think signing him and someone else from red devil and putting the lesser in UFC and fedor's bro in WEC would build up WEC and the hype about Red Devil. I belive that they will eventually bring in fedor, but not without enough hype and after courture leaves. dana is a business man and wants to own everything. He'll have fedor .. just not without good time
8/7/07 1:30:59PM
Fedor is an excellent fighter, no doubt. He's even my favorite fighter. But you can bet that while he's been out for 7 months, the wise heavyweights will be training their butts off not for Couture, Gonzaga, Arlovski, or even Cro Cop, they're training their butts off for a potential future shot at Fedor.

In my opinion, if Fedor enters the UFC, I hope that he wins the first few, even makes it to champion, and then gets knocked the freak out by someone.

Why? Because then you have an extremely angry Fedor who has something to prove and be hungry for again and that, my friends, will make for some excellent entertainment

And I pity the fool, (thanks Mr. T), that has the brass to attempt to take on Fedor when he's in freak-mode.
8/7/07 2:12:24PM
This is getting as old as the Wanderlei Silva deal
8/7/07 2:14:17PM
Ughh I really wish UFC negotiators were able to get directly to Fedor as his management team seems to be looking out for the Red DEvil Team and not just Fedor, which is what the contract is about.
8/7/07 3:15:19PM
What I would do is say, Fedor you can fight in sambo, i'll sign 3 of your red devils to fight in WEC, and give you a but load of money, we will garentee one UFC event in st.petersburg, but the UFC and the UFC alone will be promoting it.
8/7/07 6:34:54PM

Posted by TOMMYAYO05

This is getting as old as the Wanderlei Silva deal

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