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3/2/11 2:52:39PM
Trevor Wittman has advised Rashad Evans to fight teammate Jon Jones if Jones wins the UFC light heavyweight title from Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128.

Evans had been scheduled to challenge Rua at the March 19 event. When Evans sprained a ligament in his knee, however, Jones filled in as his replacement.

“Mentally, I know it’s a little rough for [Evans] to see one of the guys he made a pact with to not fight go out there and take his position,” said Wittman, who is the head coach at the Grudge Training Center, a Jackson’s MMA affiliate gym where Evans has trained. “… I had the conversation with Rashad that I felt Rashad should fight Jon Jones if he wins.”

Wittman does in fact think Jones will beat Rua. He believes the 23-year-old could become one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. However, Wittman doesn’t feel Jones should have moved into Evans’ spot.

3/2/11 3:03:47PM
I don't agree with his opinion on letting Evans keep his chance at the title just because he might be heading toward the end of his career. Evans won the title, and couldn't defend it. Why should Jones skip on his chance just to let Evans have a second shot at the gold?
3/2/11 3:28:35PM
They should, yea. But won't.
3/2/11 4:19:42PM
Attention MMA Fighters:

This is an individual sport. It's not a team sport. Fight anyone and everyone in order to call yourself the best.
3/2/11 5:01:12PM
"I think you should fight Jon Jones. You can break his bones. Violence I condone. I hope you break his nose." I hate Wittman.
3/2/11 5:54:57PM
Well... i gotta say tough ****.

Look, Evans and Jones made a pact not to fight each other while Evans was in a contender spot. Rashad was perfectly fine with not fighting Jones and Jones was perfectly fine with not fighting Rashad, even if he Rashad was champion.

But! The roles have been reversed! It's Jones who's in a contender spot, and its Rashad who must wait on the outside.

I cant feel pity for Rashad Evans situation at all. He was willing to let Jones sacrifice his championship ambitions, he should be willing to sacrifice his own ambitions for Jones. If not, then he's not really Jones' friend at all.
If Rashad changes his stance on this subject then it speaks very low of his character.
Ideally, we should treat others as we want to be treated. Jones did. But it seems Rashad struggles with treating others how they treated him.

So yeah... i gotta say tough **** for Rashad. You didnt want to fight him when you were on top, but if he gets on top then you'll fight him? Sounds like Tito Ortiz/Liddell all over again.

3/2/11 6:18:51PM
what ever evans wants to do
3/2/11 7:56:19PM
I totally agree, it's a sport, we've bought into all this bad blood hype, and it's not supposed to be about that.
3/4/11 1:17:19AM
bones would whip rashad just worse than he's gonna whip shogun
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