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6/2/10 4:19:23PM
With a little more than two weeks until the WEC makes its Canadian debut with the Versus-broadcast WEC 49 event, the fight promotion is going to have to secure a fighter on short notice. Clint Godfrey, who was to have faced Renan Barao, is now off due to an undisclosed injury. No timetable set for his return and no word on a possible replacement but if UFC 113 was any indication, a Canadian fighter could be getting a lucky break and a short-notice chance at a WEC fight.

6/2/10 4:25:18PM
I wouldn't call a short-notice fight against Barao a "lucky break" unless it means a broken bone which heals quickly.

I hope they find someone just to get Barao in the cage, but whoever it is that Canuck is ******.
6/2/10 4:36:24PM
A short notice fight against, not only a guy who hasn't lost in 5 years, but the training partner of Aldo isn't a "lucky break." You pissed someone off if you get this call.
6/2/10 11:39:20PM
Too bad for Godfrey I was hoping to see him get a W. Been watching him since his early amateur fights in RingWars, good ole' homegrown SD boy!!!
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