“Cigano” confident for Werdum fight

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9/14/08 11:32:22AM
Junior Cigano’s job in his UFC debut is not one fo the most easy. The fighter from Minotauro Team will face at UFC 90 the BJJ World Champion and ADCC champion, Fabrício Werdum, that has in his history great fights in UFC and Pride. “It could be a little late to debut in Ultimate and face a guy like Werdum, but I have all the conditions to beat him. I train with one of the best, Rodrigo Nogueira, and he said I can defeat him, so I’m pretty confidence that I can put him down”, said Cigano, that is training hard at Minotauro Team.

With seven fights and only one loss in MMA, Junior is developing his Wrestling and Muay Thai to keep this fight standing up and get another victory. “I hope keep this fight stand. I watched some of his fights with Minotauro and he gave me some tips”, said Cigano. With a victory against Werdum, the fighter guarantees that wouldn’t face his friend, the interim UFC heavyweight champion. “It’s impossible to face my master. As long as he keeps the belt, I’ll be his guardian. To face him, people will have to beat me first”, guarantees.

9/14/08 11:42:53AM
Gotta love Team Noguiera's loyalty to one another. They are by far the best camp in MMA right now.
9/14/08 9:19:58PM
An awesome camp, but I wouldn't say they're "far and away" the best. ATT,BTT, and Team Jackson are right up their to.

I've seen Cigano fight a few times. His standup isn't very technical but he has a lot of power. Werdum is not going to walk through this guy. Fabricio should win, but I think it's going to turn into a brawl.
9/15/08 11:26:51AM
I think Werdum will take him down and pound him out like he did to Vera, but not getting rocked in the process like he did against Vera.
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