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7/14/08 8:45:16PM
is it possible or will it ever be possible for a fighter to have wins over chuck and wandi on there resume and if so who will it be.Tito has beaten wandi but lossed to chuck twice. Rampage fought them both in one night (CRAZY) and beat chuck and loss to Silva ( a second time down the road). And jardine won a decison over chuck but got smashed by strikes from Wandi...So will it be Rampage if the third fight with wandi happens or if not WHO WILL IT BE?
7/14/08 8:51:31PM
Rampage or Machida are only ones i see who might can do this....but i doubt ufc chuck a machida fight unless they absolutely have to

edit: i would say shogun but dont see him ever fightin wandy
7/14/08 9:21:16PM
don't forget about Vitor! he laid the Smack Down on Wand and Chuck beat Belfort by UD
7/15/08 3:30:53PM
Well yea Tito has the W, but I dont think his victory was that clear cut.. I think it should have been a visible tap out when Tito turned his back and ran away, just like Saku vs Ken, and Kerr vs Hugo Duarte. If they had a rematch I dont think Tito would stand a chance.

If Rampage gets a third fight with wandi, he better stay on the outside and just go for points.

I actually think Machida stands a chance at beating them both, though I hardly think hes a better fighter than either.
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