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12/14/13 2:22:15PM
Whats up guys havent been in here for awhile and would like to change my screen name if possible. Anybody know how to go about doing that? Thanks
12/14/13 2:26:59PM
I don't think it's possible. I wouldn't mind changing mine too.
12/14/13 3:04:07PM
Your best bet would probably be to ask a mod, although one will likely read this thread soon enough.

I'm not sure if it can be done at all though
12/15/13 8:37:07PM
super OG
12/16/13 11:21:08AM
Ttt for a mod
12/16/13 8:54:43PM
Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'll shoot DoTheMMAth a PM and make sure it's ok by him that we do that and get back to you. Give me a day or so.
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