UFC Champions Nogueira & Silva To Open New Training Center

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5/5/08 2:26:33PM
UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and middleweight champ Anderson Silva will soon open a new mixed-martial-arts academy, Nogueira and Silva Mixed Martial Arts Academy, in Miami. In addition to teaching others, the two title-holders will train together at the center, which officially opens May 16.

5/5/08 2:28:00PM
Also this interesting tidbit that the story serves as a disguise for: Nog says in the story that his next fight is in August (UFC 86). But that could be a problem because he's expected to be a TUF 8 coach and if he loses and drops the title...
5/5/08 2:35:19PM
I'd like to be one of the lucky bastards that got to train there
5/5/08 2:48:55PM
I cant wait to start my training there.
5/5/08 3:12:23PM
I wonder if machida is going to join them? Goodbye black house.
5/5/08 5:01:24PM
Awesome. Love to get in there sometime, don't ever plan on living in Miami tho.
5/5/08 6:21:37PM
Should turn into a great camp. Can't wait to see some of the fighters that come out of their.
5/5/08 10:26:16PM
yeah... that is insane
5/5/08 11:19:03PM
thats a bad a** gym
5/6/08 5:45:56PM

Posted by bbman182

thats a bad a** gym

You said it
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