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10/21/07 4:20:31PM
CINCINNATI – Tim Sylvia had six inches and nearly 40 pounds on Brandon Vera. It was clear to someone watching their first fight that Syliva needed to let his hands go in order to win.

And, naturally, for much of the fight, Sylvia kept his hands idle.

But when he did let them fly, he proved why he's such a difficult man to beat.

10/21/07 5:27:21PM
So now it's Sylvia vs. Big Nog for the HW title, right?
10/21/07 6:05:32PM
I have to say that although Sylvia is a huge nerd of Louis Skolnick-like proportions and I have, and will continue to poke fun at his expense, he fought a good, smart fight last night. Everyone knows that Tim is a tough fighter but I was really impressed to see him walk off that illegal knee to the head and was worried he didnt completely recover. Also, when he finally let his hands go with those short, accurate strikes, I would venture so far as to say that he reminded me alot of , dare I say, Anderson Silva in that respect.
Kudos to Brandon Vera as well for giving up 5-6 inches and 40-50 lbs and really holding his own against the former champ. Combatants in the LHW division should cross their fingers that Vera doesnt decide to drop down.

10/21/07 7:41:05PM
What did Cheick Kongo do to him? Anybody know?
10/21/07 8:18:24PM
even though sylvia won... it wasnt very dominating. if vera wouldnt have broken his hand, who knows what the outcome wouldve been. before veras hand broke he landed some clean punches that seemed to phase the big guy momentarily. if he fights that type of fight with big nog or even kongo i dont see him winning.
10/21/07 10:24:34PM
Kongo and Nog haven't battled yet, but supposedly the winner will face big Tim for the interim championship now that Randy is out. I think Randy should stick around and fight Nog at least, Kongo or Tim again too. I don't see why not, I'd watch those fights.

10/22/07 10:03:23AM
I think the biggest reason Tim doesnt get much love is that it seems like he fights to win, regardless of whether it is entertaining to the crowd or not. And people tend to usually view that one of two ways. Some people would say, "Good for Tim. He fought a smart fight, he controlled the action, and showed that he was the better fighter that night." Then there is the other people who would say something like, "This is a boring fight. They are not pushing the pace and Tim is not looking to entertain by going all out, balls to the wall, looking to finish the fight no matter what it takes, even if he has to put himself in harms way."

Unfortunately for Tim, the casual MMA fan tends to be the second, and even the more educated MMA fan can still be either one.
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