UFC Champ Rich Franklin Starring in Weapon

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11/30/07 7:55:27AM
Rich Franklin is going to play a super soldier in an upcoming movie called WEAPON that sounds similar in concept to Universal Soldier. Rich Franklin is a former UFC champion who knocked out many a foe before recently being dethroned by Anderson Silva.

11/30/07 11:46:34AM
Sounds pretty sweet i like seeing movies with great MMA fighters in them so this one ill probably go see when it comes out
11/30/07 1:03:10PM
As long as it doesn't have that Goldberg guy in it (the former wrestler Bill, not UFC's Mike). Sounds like a pretty cheesy film too that wouldn't do well in theaters but as a UFC fan I definitely would check this out, those Xyience commercials showed that Rich has the charisma and looks needed to be an action star and I think he'd do quite well.
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