JZ Cavalcante: DREAM hasn't paid me, Strikeforce is all talk

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4/18/11 8:43:18AM
Marcelo Barone: How’s the situation with Dream? Did they give you any response to your complaints about not being paid?

JZ Cavalcante: Not so far. My manager called them, but nobody respond, nobody answers. It’s disrespectful, the guys disappeared. The situation in Japan’s not good, because of the tsunami, but it’s no excuse, because it’s been a year. They should, at least, answer me, because there’re people saying they plan to produce another event.

MB: Do you intend to start a lawsuit so you’ll get paid?

JZ: I’m considering, I’m looking for a lawyer, trying to find another agency in Japan, somebody from there, who’s closer to it, so that I can get this cleared up.

MB: What do you think about this MMA market crash in Japan? Does that surprise you?

JZ: Over the years, after 2007, I realized it’ll all the same thing. I guess Japan didn’t keep up with MMA’s boom, its professionalization. The guys from Ultimate are much different than the guys in Japan, that schedule you to fight at the last minute, with two or three weeks in advance. It’s hard to promote the event that way… I realized that, if they didn’t change its concept, and started to think world wildly, it’d happen, like it did.

MB: And how are things with Strikeforce now?

JZ: Not good at all. They’ve been promising me a fight since December and every month they say the same thing: that I’ll be on their next card, next month… Meanwhile they’ve offered me two bouts with five days in advance and I asked them sometime to think about it. They called me in the morning and I asked them to give an answer in the evening. Then, when I called them, they have found someone already, and they didn’t tell me anything, they didn’t call me… I hope that with Strikeforce’s purchase, its organization will improve, and also its structure.

4/18/11 7:26:21PM
Zuffa fix this I want JZ active. It seems to be his biggest problem. This we don't co promote crap has to stop make the best cards you can. I have no problrm with Zuffa running its own feeder system. Sure it won't make as much money but as long as it does make money and you get to groom your future in house whats the problem?
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