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7/7/08 1:56:24PM
Fans have turned to mixed martial arts in large part because of the simplicity of its structure. With five champions in the UFC, there's little dispute of the best in each weight class. Where would be the intrigue if say, Ken Florian or Roger Huerta decided to fight at "super lightweight" instead of lightweight and avoid both Penn at 155 and Georges St. Pierre at 170?

These headache-inducing scenarios are no doubt similar to how boxing fans got tired of the absurd number of weight classes and pencil-pushing organizations in their sport.

But no, the commissions can't be content with their attempts to kill one sport; they have to try to step in and ruin the best thing to happen to combat sports in a generation while they're at it.

7/7/08 2:06:09PM
This is why MMA shouldn't be regulated.
7/7/08 2:07:43PM
That would be one of the worst things to happen to MMA. I would hate to see anything close to 14 weight classes. If it aint broke dont fix it.
7/7/08 4:09:53PM
Well, it ain't perfect either. No need to make 14, but they do need to add some lower weight classes. I say get rid of 145 and make it a 140. Then a 125 as well. Then there will be a 15lb difference to keep the trend going. Those are all I would change.
7/7/08 4:41:14PM
Keep it the same. It doesn't need fixing.
7/7/08 6:19:07PM
LW) 146-160
WW) 161-175
MW) 176-190
LH) 191-210
HW) 211+
7/7/08 8:32:06PM
If anything I always thought their should be less weight classes.
7/7/08 8:39:45PM
15 lbs is plenty.. i say 125 (if necessary) 145, 160, 175, 190, 215, 216+
7/11/08 10:47:49AM

Posted by tepid55

This is why MMA shouldn't be regulated.

MMA needs regulation.. but not just for the sake of regulations... This is simply micro-managing.. too many weight classes for MMA is well just silly.. this is after all a sport that started out as class-less in many wways.. The regulations I think that are in place now is all that is needed... just about every Org I have seen has basicly the same weight classes no need to start mixing them up... the big problem between the UFC and Pride back in the day was they had a different breakdown of weight classes..
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