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5/2/08 11:32:42AM
World Extreme Cagefighting Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit (22-4) has signed a contract extension with the WEC according to USA Today. Condit had just one fight remaining on his previous contract with the promotion, which is owned by the same parent company as the UFC.

Terms of the extension were not disclosed.

5/2/08 7:26:31PM
So much for Condit vs GSP
5/2/08 8:55:24PM
Pretty sure this has been posted before.
5/2/08 8:59:00PM
GOOD!!! The WEC needs this guy at WW. They need to keep Brock and Allesio too. The rumor has been that the MWs and LHWs of the WEC are going to be pushed into the UFC...a move that will eliminate those Divs from the UFC completely...if so expect to no longer see any of those guys much anymore...Marshall is too unskilled, Stann has a chance but is basically another Irvin (both should drop to 185lbs) Filho and Silva state they won't fight each other (besides Filho would get OWNED!!!!) and Sonnen is just too one dimensional to last inside of the Octagon.
5/3/08 8:28:42PM
Good deal for me. I get too keep seeing one of my favorite fighters on free TV.
5/4/08 9:46:18AM
Condit is badass for sure. I dont see him losing the belt..... ah ever!
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