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3/21/08 11:22:43PM
i have terrible cardio wat should i do? hit the bag and grapple more? or should i start running?
3/21/08 11:25:56PM
running is always best, endurance running not sprinting until you have a gas tank first, and its always best to eat right and if you can take advantage of high altitude training 4000 feet up or more, then once you get back to sea level you feel like you can take 2 deep breathes

overall working out everything gives you better cardio too, strength training also helps, basically anything fast paced maybe a sport or something, endurance running and eating right is best tho
3/22/08 12:11:56AM
what should i do for endurance? long distance or sprints? and how many times a week?
3/22/08 2:51:12AM
Dude, running is always best for cardio. I like to do a combo of running and sprinting. For an endurence run I usually do 5 miles, 2 singles and a triple. Learning how to eat light and breathe in a more controled slower pace is going to at least double your cardio, at least.

Keep in mind you don't use all the air you breathe so even though instinctually you want to breathe and pant just breathe at a conroled deeper rhythum.

Eat light before you run, like a salad or something.
3/22/08 9:04:19AM
Cardio isn't quite as simple as "running 5 miles a day" or things like that.

Basically there's two ways to build up cardio. There's aerobic cardio (long distance, steady pace) and there's anaerobic cardio. (short bursts of high energy output)

It's generally agreed upon that MMA in general is anaerobic exercise. 5 minute rounds with 1 minute rests in between. If you're talking about training for MMA, then anaerobic exercise needs to be your goal. You should train in the format that you'll be fighting. That's why when you watch things like UFC All Access you see these guys doing crazy 5 and 6 minute circuit training routines.

Several things can be done for this, but I personally recommend strength based cardio since you need to train your muscles to exchange CO2 and stop the buildup of lactic acid. (the real reason for cardio in MMA)

An example program for a guy doing 3 5 minute rounds would be-

1 Minute sprints or bear crawl w/ tire attached
1 Minute swinging sledgehammer hitting tire
1 Minute shadow boxing
2 Minutes free rolling with partner
1 Minute rest

Rinse and repeat X 3 maybe changing up something here and there.

The real thing you need to realize is the difference between anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Watch fights break out between distance bikers, and watch them gas out swinging at eachother after 5 seconds. The same guys could go on riding their bikes at 170 bpm heart rate for 25 more miles, but why do they gas out after 5 seconds of adrenaline and swinging at each other? Because bikers train aerobically, not anaerobically.
3/22/08 10:30:11AM
Jackelope pretty well covered everything. I just wanted to add to his point that swimming (specifically an underwater rutine) is also a great excersize for the same reason. Don't specifically rely on it, but add it to running and within a month you will notice a significant improvement, as you are working your muscles while not breathing.
3/22/08 10:39:35AM
I am not disagreeing with the above but I don't run much I hit the bag and roll alot and my cardio over the past year has went through the roof. I have friends that go to the gym and do 40 on the tredmill everyday, when they come roll with me are winded very quickly. I know I sould run more and when the weather breaks (North East) I will.
3/22/08 4:06:58PM
For the simple non- fighter out there, run, sprint, simple.

If you're actually a fighter then I agree.
3/31/08 6:13:55PM
as a pt i would say train like what you are training for. yes running is good but just that isnt gonna make you strong. grappling uses alot of anerobic movements not aerobic. also you are contracting muscles that u dont use running. you gonna be pushing pulling swinging. so if you can do a resistance cardio do that. and if not id say just keep rolling or hitting the bag or whatever you do. but also add running to it if you can afford time and energy. there really is not better way to train for a fight or grappling match then fighting and grappling hard regularly.
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