Buentello Revamped & Ready for Overeem

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11/15/07 9:32:35AM
Former UFC Heavyweight Paul Buentello is known for having a powerful punch. But he actually didn't know how to punch until recently when he watched some of his old fights in preparation for fighting Alistair Overeem at Friday's Strikeforce event.

11/15/07 12:38:45PM
I'm excited to see how his time with Jackson has improved his stricking. He could really become a force if his training has payed off.
11/15/07 12:50:49PM
I recently watched one of his old UFC fights (it's on the Liddell-Couture Trilogy) and there really is no questioning his punching power, he hits hard. But if he really did learn how to better throw those heavy hands, look out.
11/15/07 1:41:37PM
Buentello is the man....I love watching his fights, but hes definately going to have a test in Overeem.....
11/15/07 4:27:46PM
I like watching Buentello as well. He certainly has the power and truly seems to be one of the smarter HWs. Cant wait for this fight. Its funny he mentioned Alistair gassing. If he does gas in this fight, Buentello will punish him. Paul by TKO in the 1st.
11/16/07 10:28:37AM
im going for Paul to win this fight buy a big right hand KO in the first
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