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2/14/11 4:11:51PM
Brother vs. brother is one fight several major promotions have tried – and failed – to put together. It's an easy sell on the business side, but not so much for the family involved. Plus, there's often a weight class or two between siblings. Still, there have been a few willing participants. The most popular example to American MMA fans is Ken Shamrock vs. Frank Shamrock, who were raised by the same adoptive father but aren't related by blood. The matchup fizzled when the two sides couldn't come to terms on the particulars of a fight contract. Strikeforce could be the first promotion to get brother vs. brother done, and it looks like they've got two willing participants if the stars correctly align: Strikeforce heavyweight champion and heavyweight grand-prix competitor Alistair Overeem and his older brother, possible tourney alternate Valentijn Overeem. The brothers say they'll get in the cage if the tournament format dictates they do so and if the fans want to see it. But there are many variables that stand in the way of the potential bout.

2/14/11 5:43:02PM
My respect is growing for the Overeems, as a fan I appreciate their willingness to do what so many guys won't do, this is after all a sport and I think a lot of fighters seem to take themselves too serious. You guys can be friends or family later, if you respect your opponent as a competitor you should have no problem fighting them.
2/14/11 5:46:33PM
that would be awesome....and Diaz vs Diaz... Miller Brothers, Miller brothers 2 (Micah/Cole).... they should have a giant brothers only fight card...althought they are all scattered in diff. organizations
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