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1/26/08 2:04:02PM
He doesn't have kind words for Mir, that is for sure(to hype up the fight). I was surprised to see Kurt Angle hype up Lesnar though, that was surprising since in the past he had called him a mental midget. Anyways, here is the link:

Note: If this was already posted I apologize, I searched the forums and did not come across this topic.
1/26/08 2:13:26PM

Lesnar the real deal !!

1/26/08 2:19:33PM

Posted by tuvok500

Lesnar the real deal !!

We'll find out if he is on Feb. 2nd. When I first heard he was fighting Mir, I was with the majority. Yet, I can't help but think he might come out and surprise us with a first or second rd. stoppage win. I am obviously not basing my opinion off of this vid., yet I think he has a good chance of winning. His standup needs some work, yet it is not that bad. I want Mir to win, yet I see Brock gnping his way to victory.
1/26/08 2:32:10PM
well, you heard from kurt angle, brock lesnar is the real deal, how can i not pick him now??....
no but in all seriousness im actually picking lesnar to win, if he can control mir on the ground, which i think he can, and avoid submissions, i see him taking a 2nd round stoppage, or a UD......he is in the training camp that sean sherk is in, and brock resembles sherk at heavyweight alot, big strong guy at his weight class, who has below average striking, but is able to control the ground, and avoid submissions, taking most fights by UD.....having said that, sherk has alot more experince with subs, and thats why he is able to avoid them, what we dont know is if brock can, and i think if he gets this fight past the 1st round, he will win, because than they wil be sweaty and it will be safer for brock, unless mir can get him in a choke, which i think he cant to a wrestler like as of now i take lesnar, but i wont be mad or surprised if mir takes it...
1/26/08 2:50:59PM
i say we make this a ladder match
1/27/08 1:57:16PM
He better watch droping that lead hand when he throws his leg kicks. I just think that Mir is going to sub him. I am by no means a world class BJJ guy I have only been training since May but I go agianst guys that wrestled for 10 years and sub them all the time. Like I said Im no Frank Mir and they aren't up to Brocks level of wrestling, it just seems that wrestlers natural reactions put them in a disadvantage agianst a BJJ guy. I would not be shocked if Frank put him in a triangle then got slamed like page did to Arona. We will see in a week.
1/27/08 2:05:09PM
I have to be perfectly honest, his boxing and kicks were horrendous. I don't doubt he's a good wrestler but if his sub defense is as bad as that kick he's in trouble.
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