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10/30/07 8:55:58AM
How he feels about the UFC, his K-1 experience, and basically himself.

Don't you hate it when people talk in thrid person? “It boils down to they’re really the only company on the block and on the planet that is willing to I guess take Brock Lesnar to the next level,” said Lesnar.
10/30/07 9:20:55AM
not only do I not like the 3rd person thing, I dont like brock lesner

double threat that guy
10/30/07 11:11:56AM
good luck in the ufc brock, all i can really say
10/30/07 11:40:28AM
all u clowns are just afraid that hes guna dominate...which he will
10/30/07 11:44:37AM

Posted by condork12

all u clowns are just afraid that hes guna dominate...which he will

He is 'guna dominate'? Whats that, Latin?

Anyhoo, I think he'll do quite well, but I'm amused by the way he refers to himself as Brock Lesnar, I dunno, a spell in WWE and he thinks he is The Rock!

10/30/07 1:23:20PM

Posted by loonytnt

good luck in the ufc brock, all i can really say

Man, you will feel silly...
10/30/07 1:29:01PM
I never said he wasn't going to be a threat. The guy is an animal. As soon as his stand up, Jiu Jitsu, and chin are tested we will know if he is the real deal.
10/30/07 1:29:09PM
It's def going to be interesting to see him work his way up the ranks... we'll have to see who is champion when he gets there
10/30/07 4:38:44PM
thats assuming he does get there
10/30/07 7:40:55PM
OK now a lot of people think Brock is going come in the UFC and kill the HW div???? IMO that is waayyyy off Brock is big he is strong but he has had how many fights?? because ive only seen 1...i hope he does good but i cant see a guy that has not been trainin in MMA that long come into the UFC and beat people, who is he going beat? tim? big nog? kongo? GG? CC?vera? randy?(if he is still around) brock is a big name from the WWE, MMA is a lot different. Brock got into the UFC imo because a lot of people say OMG BROCK WILL KILL HIM, and dana had this look he can make a lot of money off brock, i think brock will do great in mma if he start small then goes big, UFC is at the top atm imo and brock needs to build up to it not just say thing like he can beat randy and he would dlb leg tim throw the cage...but still i say i hope he does good but imo i dont think startin in the UFC is going be smart for him, get some more fights in then come to the UFC
10/30/07 11:46:06PM
Lesnar will realize that MMA is not WWE and a real punch and a real kick in the face is drainning you very fast of your energy !!
not speaking about trying to avoid a sub or get up when you are on your back !

in WWE , the guy on top is jumping in the air to help you to get up but he will realize that when your opponent is not helping you, it is alot harder !!

i hope they will not giving him a top 15 guys because the first thing that Lesnar will say after the fight is " where i am " !!

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