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5/15/17 2:07:11PM
Brian Stann was none too pleased with the result of the Eddie Alvarez vs. Dustin Poirier bout at UFC 211.

“Here’s the overall frustration: We set new rules, we barely ever use them, we go to different cities every damn weekend and these fighters have no idea what knees are allowed, what positions they’re supposed to be in, what point scores we’re going by."

5/15/17 9:17:20PM
Stann's right. I feel that the industry needs to be more unified when it comes to rules and procedures, the referees should be more knowledgeable, attentive, observant and informed and of course the fighters need to be more informed and mindful as well. One thing that would greatly help situations such as what happened with Alvarez and Poirier would be the implementation of allowing the referees to view instant replays. There is no legit reason not to have "instant replay" in MMA.
5/16/17 2:01:58PM
Should have been a DQ. Poirier was winning that fight until the illegal knees came down on him. Wild fight nonetheless.
5/16/17 5:20:09PM
This is how to use a platform.