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1/11/11 4:53:58PM
A heavyweight bout between Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and "The Ultimate Fighter 10" runner-up Brendan Schaub is set for UFC 128. UFC officially announced the bout today. The fight currently has 4th billing on the card, meaning it'll likely air on PPV.

1/11/11 5:07:00PM
Cool I like this fight a lot. Schaub will probably take the decision cause Cro Cop is hard to finish. If anything I'd say a late 3rd round tko though.
1/11/11 6:16:11PM
I actually feel like Cro Cop could win this...... please let him win this!
1/11/11 8:41:20PM
I am with you Jonsey!! I think this IS a fight Mirko can win. Schaub albiet a good fighter. Likes to stand and bang, but that would be a bad idea against CC. I really hope we get to see glimpes of the old CroCop in this fight and get another UFC W under his belt
1/12/11 2:32:17AM
I think Cro Cop might finally be the favorite in a fight... its been a while.
1/12/11 2:55:05AM
Schaubs chin is questionable to me. CC might be the better grappler here too. Just one last LHK please.
1/12/11 8:53:56AM
i will never stop betting on and hoping for a LHK of death from cro cop no matter who he faces....whether it be jesus or a 90 year old woman..... it's all i want for christmas...for the last 3 years
1/12/11 8:58:32AM
I think if they announced Mirko was on his Death Bed and he was fighting God for his chance to get into Heaven, there will still be people hoping for "ONE LAST LHK". Schaubs fight to lose IMO.
1/12/11 10:59:55PM
I think some of you are underestimating Schaub, but I'm with you guys on the LHK. I thought he had the Mir fight won until he got sloppy. I don't think that Schaub getting knocked out proved anything, because he as Rogan would say got tagged right on the button. The best I've seen of Cro Cop since he came to the UFC was his fight with JDS, and Schaub is very similar to JDS, This is probably a must win for Cro Cop, so I expect a few more kicks and a more aggressive Mirko,
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