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7/1/08 2:55:19PM
Bring up Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko in conversation with hardcore MMA fans, and you'll get bombarded with passionate debate from two radical extremes: either he is the undisputed king of the heavyweight rankings and trains by arm-barring bears in the wilderness, or he's the most overrated fighter in history and would be handily defeated by the best of the UFC's heavyweights.

The topic of Emelianenko's greatness -- or any perceived lack thereof -- has proven a popular discussion topic for years primarily because Emelianenko has rarely faced top competition.

7/1/08 3:07:47PM
agree, i think the key factor in this fight is Fedors Judo/Sambo, because Sylvia (and most large opponents) are susceptible to trips, since its hard for them to keep their balance, and also trips arent based so much on strenght (which is where Sylvia would have the best chance to keep it standing, as he showed against Big Nog) but on momentum.... and once of the ground, Big Nog exposed Tim, as he passed guard rather easily, and i see Fedor having little trouble doing the same.

Also, i think this fight might end by heel hook/foot lock, Sylvia showed he is susceptible to foot locks against Arlovski (in both 1&2)...typically when he is on the ground, he'll try to push away his opponents with his long legs, and throw up kicks, and in Sambo they have some nasty foot locks, so i think thats something to watch for....
7/1/08 5:02:03PM
I agree, I had the same assessment. Clinching would be a bad idea for tim because of Fedor's sambo, but another reason is that it's far more difficult to keep someone pinned in a ring than it is in a cage. A big part of his strategy in most fights is to use his size to pin people on the cage and then either tee off or just hold them there depending on the fighter. When it hits the ground there's just nothing Tim can do except try to stand up. His only chance really seems to be to keep distance and try to land some big bombs and hope he can knock him out or cut him. Both seem incredibly unlikely.

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