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5/1/08 12:03:29PM
Vera looks mean!!!

Check this out
5/1/08 12:30:40PM
haha I never knew he was filipino until my dad called me he's like "theres some guy on the filipino channel talking about an upcoming fight in the UFC"

if only the UFC had a smaller weight class than lightweight there'd be more filipino's. we are small motherfookas.

But yea I think Vera wins against Werdum, but if he ever gets a title shot and loses he should definetely move down

5/1/08 1:26:36PM
hahahaha thats awsome
5/1/08 2:00:24PM
Werdum wins by domination
5/1/08 4:44:29PM

Posted by silverbullet

Werdum wins by domination

War Werdum
I can't wait for this. I want to see how he has improved training with ChuteBoxe.
5/1/08 5:53:46PM
Vera Is the Future Heavyweight Champ of the UFC. VERA by KO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/1/08 6:45:57PM
gonzagas going to help vera train for werdum aye...
5/1/08 6:53:16PM
Vera is THE TRUTH! the only reason he lost to Big Tim is because he broke his hand and that real talk...Vera is a beast and if by some chance it goes to the ground i definately see him holding his own against werdum...
5/1/08 7:15:49PM
I like Vera's chances in this fight....Werdum has yet to impress me...
5/2/08 1:37:26AM
He needs to stop hopping before he goes for that kick. he should be able to spring his leg forward with out bouncing around before. but other than that, I like his chances too. Im picking Vera by decision.
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