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10/10/07 10:18:46PM
As we enjoy some of the finest weeks of boxing in quite some time, it is time to put to rest the topic that you see filling up message boards and sports blogs across cyberspace.

With an outstanding Taylor-Pavlik fight in the rear-view mirror and many huge bouts to come in the next few months, boxing, despite what some contest, is by no means dead. Moreover, in a day and age when observers wonder if MMA is preparing for a takeover in the world of combat sports, boxing has reaffirmed itself as one of the world's finest athletic competitions. Thanks to the Kelly Pavliks, Manny Pacquiaos, Ricky Hattons, and Miguel Cottos of the boxing world, the Sweet Science appears alive and well.

10/10/07 10:35:34PM
I still want to see Roy Jones Jr. vs. Chuck Liddell in an MMA fight because it won't be a ground fight and they will use smaller gloves and that would be a great MMA BRAWL!!!!

I love boxing, I just love the technicality in it. I just was born with the love of boxing boring or not. The only fights I can't watch are Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights....

10/11/07 1:30:59AM
boxing is ok but i cant watch it anymore after watchin and doing mma, i just get bored watchin it
10/11/07 4:43:23AM
To be honest I think there is room for both to exist happily

but before De La Hoya / Hopkins i havent been excited for an upcoming boxing fight since

60/40!!! I KICK YO ASS!!!
10/11/07 12:35:36PM
I grew up watching boxing fights. I was not an avid fan, but my dad would order all the big fights on PPV and we always enjoyed but then boxing kind of lost its luster. Not only did it start to seem like everytime you were getting less for your money but also the screwy decisions just made you sick. I think the last boxing fights we ordered were Holyfield-Lewis I & II. After watching the decision go completely the wrong way both times, we just lost interest.

And I do not mean to take anything away from the fighters because it never gets old to watch two guys step into the ring or cage and give it their all. That is always entertaining whether its boxing or MMA.
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