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2/17/08 8:19:20AM
Stepping up on short notice is sure to be the calling card for Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight Tim Boetsch, who will again stand in for an injured fighter as he takes on Matt Hamill at UFC Fight Night on April 2 in Broomfield, Colo.

Though he is replacing Stephan Bonnar, the Pennsylvania-based fighter is looking forward to having more time to get ready for his return to the Octagon.

“I’m trying to figure out what to do with all the time,” said Boetsch with a laugh about having more time to prepare for this fight than his last time out.

It seems UFC matchmaker Joe Silva has the fighter’s number on speed dial, as this is the second time he will step up for the promotion and Boetsch is fine with that arrangement.

“I’ll be ready to fight whenever and wherever they need me,” he stated. “Somebody gets hurt or drops out, I think my name’s close to the top of the list of people they want to call.”

2/17/08 11:52:41AM
I'v got nothing but respect for Tim, anyone who takes fights on such short notice has a fighters heart
2/17/08 12:28:31PM

Posted by SmileR

I'v got nothing but respect for Tim, anyone who takes fights on such short notice has a fighters heart

Or a lot of gambling debt
2/17/08 1:08:50PM
I too have lots of respect for Boetsch. This guy just wants to fight. But I'm not too sure he took the right fight this time. Hamill is an all american wrestler. Yeah, I know I've heard Boetsch isn't no slouch on the ground. But when Hamill takes this to the ground he isn't going to be looking to submit Tim he's going to do some good o'l Tito Ortiz ground and pound. I'm taking Hamill 1st round gnp.
2/17/08 1:14:16PM
Boetsch Is Grrrrrrrreat! he should lose the Keg and move to the MW Division. Jeet Kun Do vs Wrestling. good matchup for Matt Hamill. o well
2/17/08 2:12:29PM
Well I am glad that people dont think I am an idiot anymore because I am a fan of Boetsch. I think he will do good against Hamiil and this is a great test of Patience and strength for him. I will be rotting for Timmy

I honestly see hamill winning this by split desicion though.
2/17/08 9:43:37PM
Hey man, i picked Boetsch 1st Round KO against Heath
2/18/08 12:22:51AM
this is going be a great fight imo, but i think the takedowns aregoing to be to much in this figth 3rd TKO hamill
2/18/08 2:07:11AM
Hamill by UD~ I see this fight going the same way as Boetsch's fight against Vlady.
2/18/08 2:04:26PM
the one thing i think that could have tim walking away with a W here is that Hamill looked decent on his feet against the count. not amazing but pretty decent, and he may have a little too much confidence in his new found stand up. he may think hes up to snuff and wanna stand with Tim and that could be a big mistake. Boetsch doesnt hit like bisping, if Tim lands a good one on Hamill its gonna be lights out. but we'll have to see what kind of gameplan Hamil has, i think he's got the skills to decide where this fight happens.
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