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11/28/07 2:21:35PM
BodogFight sent out a press release announcing their event for this Friday in Moscow, Russia. The most notable name fighting on the card is former UFC fighter Oleg Taktarov, who hasn't fought in MMA in nearly 10 years.

11/28/07 2:30:09PM
I'd say Zenin, Semenov and Pele are "name" fighters (well, not Zenin, I guess), but I'd only watch this card if were free and convenient.
11/28/07 2:36:03PM
Hopefully, they'll eventually show some of these fights (esp. Pele's) on ION. I've watched alot of Bodog fights on this channel, but for some reason, lately they haven't been showing hardly any Bodog fights anymore.
11/28/07 9:48:10PM
hoping, semenov, taktarov, pele and shlemenko win
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