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4/7/09 10:11:51AM
Im looking for a place to start taking BJJ in southern MD (i live like 2 miles outside of DC)...any recommendations

ive been looking into Lloyd Irvin in Camp Springs MD...anyone know roughly what their prices are? anyone go there?

im trying to obviously find a real place as opposed to just some random guy who really is not legit, but at the same time, money is tight, so im tryin to find something that works
4/7/09 11:46:57PM
jeff gordons mma in gaithersburg. pedro sauer great trainer, they either just switched to a bigger facility or they already have check them out
4/8/09 7:34:03PM
thanks..ill def. stop in and check it out. ideally im hoping to find something a bit closer because that place is about 25 miles..and taking the beltway which im sure as you know is hell...25 miles, probably about 45mins-1hour away

is there anyone on this forum from southern MD, DC, northern VA that takes BJJ somewhere around here?
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