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2/7/10 4:19:09PM

Posted by cloud301336

i'd let her triangle me

would you return the favour though?

by triangling her....duh
3/15/10 11:07:36PM
Lol you guys are putting waaay to much thought into this fighting girls thing! I am the only girl in a class of 20 guys and as you'll all know hands and faces end up in some less than ideal places regardless of if your fighting a guy or a girl.

But trust me girls who fight in bjj classes with guys are comfortable or they wouldnt go. they put no more thought into where your hands are on them when rolling than the other guys think about ur hands touching their ass or u shoving your balls in their face for a triangle, our focus is on trying to emasculate you lot by choking you out on the mats lol so chill out about it, its no big deal to us so shouldnt be to you!

hope this helps
3/17/10 2:07:09AM

Posted by mj

ur hands touching their ass or u shoving your balls in their face

3/29/10 2:27:45PM

Posted by bigbubbano23

i might be more worried about the armbar that is to come from having my hands on her chest

^^^ This. My old gym had a couple smokin hot brazillian girls come through a couple times. I checked em out before practice in my role as a man, but i got choked out by them in my role as a White Belt. After that it was on, and their extreme hotness did not matter.
4/28/10 4:33:20AM
i would have grabbed her boobs too.
5/15/10 3:38:49PM

Posted by emfleek

[...]the mAnaconda Choke...

Old thread. Hadn't seen it before.
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