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7/20/07 12:49:27AM
hey guys been doing bjj for about a month now..could any of you experianced guys give me some tips on passing somebodys gaurd. also i was introduced 2 gaurd surfing last ngiht can anybody ellaborate on this if they know what im talking about...
7/20/07 1:27:10PM
theres a number of ways to pass a guard. and there are a few guards to...which guard are you specifically talking about?

your instructors shold have already covered that, youve been in it a month. thats basics, like week 1 stuff.
7/20/07 3:22:47PM
If you've only been doing BJJ for a month I'm sure anyone can help you with specific questions.

Look at the video section of the forum (if you can). I posted a number of BJJ instructional vids there.

If you cannot access them via here, they are listed on google video under "abhaya"
7/21/07 12:02:01AM
I would ask your instructor. It is harder to explain stuff through typing than in person
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