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8/2/10 12:33:24PM
Who is the biggest ungerdog or fav that u have seen in the playground? Secondary league has heavy dogs frequantly but UFC doesnt too often, not that I can remember anyways......just wonderin who any1 has noticed in the past that was like +750 or somethin
8/2/10 1:39:49PM
im not sure what edgar was here but his line reached +725 at a sportsbook.
8/2/10 2:00:41PM
Biggest Underdog on UFC side?

Wonder was Serra was at.
8/2/10 2:01:10PM
8/2/10 2:16:49PM
Well Serra vs St Pierre was back in the first season of MMAPG so it looks like it was different wagerings so I couldnt find any odds on this site.

But here is what I found.

Edgar at +640 vs Penn, Joey Beltran +680 vs Rolles Gracie, Serra at +560 in Serra vs St. Pierre 2

I just used the odds on this site and not on the betting sites.
8/8/10 10:22:46PM
Soko vs. Lil Nog. The last opponent for Omigawa was pretty big too.
8/10/10 10:14:44AM
i just about **** my pants, i looked at ufc 118 lines under wagers at found two dogs +640 and +680. I dont know who is making these lines but they are wrong.
8/10/10 12:27:30PM
Then guess what? We're all wrong. The lines are determined in large part by picks made by players on the site.
8/10/10 12:45:19PM
o that makes sense.

But i found it even more surprising now.

Maia -680 over miranda and miller -720 over just boggles me. Everyone on the site must be on maia and miller.

Will the lines change as the fight gets closer?
8/11/10 6:39:10PM
Gonzaga vs Cro Cop was up there as well.
8/23/10 12:17:29AM
I think the site caps at -900, because Cro-cop fought someone in Secondary and only 8 people picked the other guy, so I can't see it being much worse than that. Kid Yamamoto was -900 against some tomato can awhile back as well.

Not sure who the biggest UFC dog was, as my records only go back a little over a year, but Edgar vs. Veach and Guida vs. Gugerty had both favorites around -800. I'm pretty sure Beltran beating Gracie was the biggest dog payout the site has seen, at least on the UFC side.

For real life lines, the biggest MMA line I've ever seen was Cyborg vs. Jan Finney at -2500.
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