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1/13/15 9:31:05PM

Even as the Ultimate Fighting Championship surges in virtually every measurable popularity metric, including Pay Per View buyrates, television ratings, and merchandise sales, enormous room for growth remains in its capacity for large venue ticket sales. Even in 2010, the average fan attendance for recent UFC events remained decidedly middle-tier, with overall attendance rates for major UFC Pay Per View events hovering between 10,000 and 20,000 fans. The venues supporting UFC live events are almost exclusively "arena" (sub-40,000 person) class venues.

Recent UFC fans might also be surprised to learn that history's largest mixed martial arts sporting events as measured by fan attendance have taken place exclusively outside of the United States. The current record for live attendance of an MMA event is now (and surely will be for some years to come) the August 2002 inaugural Pride Shockwave event held in Tokyo National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.

Reportedly 71,000 fans attended the event, a truly massive crowd for any event regardless of the sport. Pride Shockwave featured Mirko Filipovic defeating national hero Kazushi Sakuraba in the main event, and the event was such a success that the promotion's annual Shockwave series continued to draw some of the largest crowds in MMA history for years to come. Indeed, as is amply demonstrated by the listing below, 19 of the 20 largest events in MMA history as measured by fan attendance were Pride FC events.

The three largest UFC events to datemeasured by fan attendance, UFC 124, UFC 97 and UFC 83, were also each held outside of the United States, as well as in the same venue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada's Bell Center. Over 21,000 fans were in attendance for each of the three events.


#1)Pride Shockwave
2002.08.28 , 71,000

#2)Pride Final Conflict 2003 2003.11.09 67,451

#3)UFC 129 St. Pierre vs. Shields 2011.04.30 55,724

#4)Pride Shockwave 2005 2005.12.31 49,801

#5)Pride Shockwave 2006 2006.12.31 48,709

#6)Pride Shockwave 2004 2004.12.31 48,398

#7)Pride Grand Prix 2000 Opening Round 2000.01.30 48,316

#8)Pride 1 1997.10.11 47,860

#9)Pride Final Conflict 2004 2004.08.15 47,629

#10)Pride Total Elimination 2005 2005.04.23 45,423

#11)Pride Critical Countdown 2004 2004.06.20 43,711

#12)Pride Total Elimination 2004 2004.04.25 42,110

#13)Pride Total Elimination 2003 2003.08.10 40,316

#14)Pride Shockwave 2003 2003.12.31 39,716

#15)Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals 2000.05.01 38,429

#16)Fields Dynamite!! 2009 2009.12.31 35,000

#17)Pride 10 Return of the Warriors 2000.08.27 35,000

#18)Pride 15 Raging Rumble 2001.07.29 27,323

#19)Pride 12 Cold Fury 2000.12.09 26,882

#20)Pride 28 High Octane 2004.10.31 24,028

Just crazy to think UFC hasn't held any mega events to try and break the record....
1/13/15 9:39:21PM
There aren't many indoor stadiums in North America that are that large and based on my experience at the biggest UFC show ever in Toronto, MMA isn't meant to me watched in stadiums that big.

The fighters might as well be ants you're so far away.
1/13/15 10:13:08PM
I bet ufc 200 will be the first stadium in the USA
1/13/15 10:13:56PM
They could do a show in cowboy stadium

Or out of north america.....but hell they can start by using stadium seating in saitama super arena theyve yet to use the bigger seating option.

But honestly biggest problem would be putting together a show that even sell that high of numbers.

Between rising costs and all time low in consumer interest theyd literally have to have like all title fights to put enough asses in seats.oh add in over saturating the market .......

Just crazy this is ALL-Time and pride still never dies

Crazy how ufc barely holds events over 25,000 people
1/13/15 10:19:53PM
I'm going out on a limb here that the goal of their business model is yearly attendance and total views, not per event. I agree that they are over-saturating the market but the ownership has already said they plan to exit the sport around the time the FOX deal ends. So over-saturation is not high on a fix list, it's make as much bank in the next half dozen years as possible. Which will lead to some very very questionable and scrutinized business decisions in 3-5 years as the exit strategy nears.
1/14/15 12:41:14PM
Ahh the Pride shows.. back when MMA was at it's all time best. Those were big shows.
1/14/15 7:47:24PM
I think biggest gate live I have been at was
171 there was like 19 or 20 thousand people
And the ufc Boston Penn vs Edgar. Was huge
1/14/15 8:35:23PM
if im not close to the cage/ring, i wouldnt want to be there
1/14/15 11:57:03PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

if im not close to the cage/ring, i wouldnt want to be there

I have sat nothing but lower level.
And the floor twice.

I won't ever sit high level or bleachers
1/15/15 12:09:56AM
Low level is where it's at. A buddy and I got hassled by security at an IFL card in 07 after consuming too many drinks and then intentionally/repeatedly walking into camera view in front of Kenny Rice while he was trying to film a small promo that he had to restart multiple times. Nearly got kicked out, in hindsight surprised we weren't. He was legit pissed at us, red-faced, vein bulging. Try and do that in the upper level!
2/1/15 3:29:24PM
Ufc finally got 2 on this list.....#18