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POLL: big nog vs anderson silva
nog 68% (13)
spida 32% (6)
4/23/08 10:25:18AM
who wins?
4/23/08 11:06:58AM
4/23/08 11:21:13AM
hands down Nog. Silva is Silva but the weight and size issues are too great. Ants can carry like 250 times their body weight but no match when stomped on by my shoe haha. Nog equals the shoe.
4/23/08 11:32:22AM
I would also take Nog, but just in case anyone didn't know, awhile back they had a sparring video. It was only boxing , and obviously has nothing to do with who would win a mma fight, but Anderson really outclassed Nog there IMO . I think everyone agrees he has a great chin, and that video shows him unaffected by the few shots Nog did land. Of course Nog's chin is legendary, and he ate plenty of Silvas punches with it,
4/23/08 1:10:59PM
so are you just trying to jack up a newbie post count so when your main account gets banned you have an immediate fall back account to play with so no-one suspects its you who have recently been banned for being a tard?
4/23/08 1:32:25PM
what the **** are you talking about just dont talk ******.
4/23/08 5:48:08PM
I have to go with Nog just for size and strength advantage.
4/23/08 6:03:17PM
Nog Defensively can handle what silva dishes out. On the feet Silva has it, but on the ground Nog has it by a wider margin.
4/23/08 6:16:46PM
Nog hands down
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