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9/13/17 7:42:15PM
A big hey to all my fellow fans of mma! I've been a fan since 95,UFC 7, I think it was. I followed Pride,EliteXC,Strikeforce,WEC,IFL and it was all good. I finally got a new,(used) comp with Windows 10 even,so I signed up on UFC Fight Pass and have an easier time surfing,so I feel I'm back in the mma fan high life again. Glad to be here and look forward to learning how all the pick'em games work.
9/13/17 8:01:57PM

Stick around. The forums aren't as busy as they once were but we have the Fantasy Game around.

Check out the side games to in the side games forums and if you're into other promotions check out The Best of The Rest League.

Hope you stick around!
9/14/17 4:54:55PM
Thanks JLS! I mostly just follow UFC and Bellator anymore but since I've got fightpass I may start checking out some of the leagues they show on there. I also have AXS through DirectTV but haven't watched very many of the shows. There's just so many fights now it's a bit much to watch them all,but I'm glad the sport is growing.
9/14/17 6:22:52PM
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