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POLL: Your pick
Diaz vs McGregor II 25% (5)
Cormier vs Jones II 75% (15)
4/27/16 10:56:02PM
Better UFC 200 Main Event: Cormier vs Jones II or Diaz vs McGregor II?
4/27/16 11:36:41PM
I went DC vs Jon 2
I like the keeping it pure thing in the sport and the fight makes sense. I feel like they did right with Jones and Connor, they are both being handled in a way that reminds them and the sport that the show must go on and if you don't play ball then maybe you need to change the game. Connor was getting a little too big for his britches and now hopefully he is humbled enough to not say too much ridiculous shit. With Jon it's like a reminder to him that no one is above the law but that you can get through tough times if you behave like an adult and a professional.
4/28/16 12:29:47AM
I chose Cormier vs. Jones II.

In so many ways this headliner is way better than Diaz vs. McGregor II. I don't even know where to start. I'll throw out 10 points in random order.

1) It's a title fight.
2) It puts 3 titles on UFC 200.
3) It puts a heavier title on UFC 200. (next heaviest is WEC weight title)
4) It's a rematch that makes sense.
5) It's a fight between the two top guys in their weight division.
6) You get the P4P King in Jon Jones.
7) It's a bad blood fight as well.
8) It should have a good lead up to the fight.
9) Jon Jones gets to fight at UFC 100 and UFC 200.
10) I think it'll be a better fight through and through than Diaz/McGregor with the way it plays out.
4/28/16 5:12:36AM
A guy at my work was asking me about this new Main Event and was saying how him and "Everybody" he knows is mad about it. But let me add he had no idea that Jones vs Cormier is a rematch and to unify the Titles. That's just sad.

As for myself I was okay with either fight but I prefer the Jones/DC fight more.

But if we are being honest McGregor/Diaz as the Headliner would crush Jones/Cormier in PPV buys.
4/28/16 5:34:19AM
Jones vs Cormier was a bad fight the first time. At least Conor vs Nate was a good fight.
4/28/16 8:07:01AM
3 titles on the line
Cant complain about it.

Jones vs dc i wanna see more than connor.
Even though 2 of the 3 titles i have seen live already
4/28/16 11:36:17PM
Cormier vs Jones II

Legacy fight for both fighters. Jones P4P #1, needs this fight to complete his comeback.

Diaz/McGregor II is fun, but for 200 I'd rather have Jones/DC.

4/30/16 2:38:07AM
I like Cormier vs Jones 2 better. I think Diaz vs. McGregor is a fun fight but I think Cormier vs. Jones is a more important fight for the sport. For this being a landmark card I think the more important fight is the best fit.
4/30/16 3:54:34PM
My pick was Diaz and the Leprechaun for purely selfish reasons.