who can make the best one week training schedule

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5/11/08 8:37:40PM
ok title says it, jus make a mon-sat/sun schedule on your training schedule or make up some amazing one. you could have anything in it, any kind of workouts,protein shakes,mma class,prvate training classes,what kind of food to eat and when,etc. just make a schedula that will leave you hurting

ill jus do an example
monday - long run in the morning, shoulders,neck (name of excercise,etc). mid day. protein shake (flavor , dont matter), rest... night is muay thai .

tues- cardio in the morning, bi's n tri's mid day, protein,then ground at night

wed- big protein day, morning eggs, lunch turkey, dinner steak, just something like that

i was just bored and felt like seeing what would be the best all out 1 week schedule .
5/11/08 11:22:12PM

I'd have to say...

...someone in the MMA Training forum.

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