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5/28/09 9:02:01AM

Posted by The_Italian_Stallion

I think anyone who can put Machida on his back wins... easy as that... I mean anyone with good takedowns and solid BJJ defense and who could keep him down could win a decision or grind him out for a TKO...

Besides that I think anyone with slick subs off his back could submit him if it goes to the ground like Tito almost did...

All of this is taking into consideration having to get him to the ground in someway which is a challenge in itself...

While I agree with you, it's easier said then done.

Arona anyone? (Even though I personally hate watching Arona fight, arg.)
5/28/09 11:29:26AM

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by Wolfenstein

Jon Jones 5 years in the future. That's the style that beats Machida. Really long reach, and great Greco.

He's far away from even making the fight competetive right now, but I think it's a fighter in the similar vein. Great Greco, long reach, and athleticism. Also fighters need to forget about headhunting Machida. He tilts his head back, making it even more of a distance to touch that chin, but that leaves the body more exposed.

You've hit the nail on the head in at least one regard- the reach. There aren't going to be many guys who can beat Machida out in the reach department, but Jon Jones is definitely one of them. He has athleticism, but is he explosive enough to get inside and do damage? At this point I'm not sure. Good call on an opponent, though. I had forgotten about Jon Jones and his greco skills.

If Jones is to be groomed for beating Machida, then he needs to work on his footwork a lot. Dan Henderson stalks really well and has decent side to side movement for cutting off the cage/ring while moving forward. I'd like to see Jon Jones pick some of that up, and perhaps even adapt Hendo's shoulder rock defense on the way in. Another question involves Jon Jones' top control? How good are his hips? You'd have to assume being a Greco guy that they're pretty good, but we've yet to see enough of it.

I'm excited for Machida's reign. It gives us all a really good chance to analyze the different styles and how they'll match up. Much like Anderson at MW

Totally agree with you both

Rampage is a bit slow footwork wise to beat Machida and Shogun is well, NOT the '05 version (and even then I think Machida could beat Shogun due to his 733t counter skills ala Thiago Silva)
5/28/09 12:35:37PM
some of you guys are highly under rating, Machidas BJJ...I have talked to some guys that have rolled with him and they all were shocked. Danillo Villefort raved about how techniqual and great Machida is on the ground..and said that people dont even understand how good he is on the ground...becuase he doesnt need to go there often.

I dont know what the style is to beat machida, as of now i think it needs to be a 2 on 1 fight to stand a chance..haha
5/28/09 2:32:16PM
I think a dominate wrestler. Tito back in the day. Randy. Someone agressive with a quick shot.
5/28/09 8:31:04PM
i got two sure fire ways to beat Mahida, If your not a great wrestler(GSP Caliber), but it would be hard to pull off, plus its a little dirty too, but hay if you wanna win.

so plan A. I noticed when i first saw Machida's stance, because his foot is so far out in front of him, i though, hell just stomp on his foot so he can't move and punch him in the face, either he gets clipped or falls trying to evade the punch, and if he did evade the punch time for plan B

Now that he evaded the punch get ready for plan B, and lets hope you have a strong chin or abb's, let Machida land a kick or a punch, then lets use some of those 11th grade acting skills and play a little possum, if he takes the bate go in for a quick take down or try to land the fight ending punch, your call.

Now if he still standing after you attempted both of my ideas get ready for plan C. Run as good or better then Kaleb Starnes, or put your hands down, chin up, and let Machida punch you in the face.

best of wishes(you'll need it).
5/29/09 12:50:56AM

Posted by cloud301336

Now if he still standing after you attempted both of my ideas get ready for plan C. Run as good or better then Kaleb Starnes, or put your hands down, chin up, and let Machida punch you in the face.

best of wishes(you'll need it).

Might as well just do plan C from the start
5/29/09 10:17:47AM
I think you are all missing the most obvious answer:

The best style to beat Machida is Machida's style...only someone who is better at it than he is. There just doesn't happen to be anyone like that right now.
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