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2/18/08 2:45:06PM
I'm sure this has been asked before, but I haven't seen it so I'm asking. And I know a lot of you including myself would say, there's no way you could say one is the best, due to all the different factors of MMA, like one camp could teach better BJJ and another could teach better Muay Thai, Wrstling, etc. etc.... But I am saying all around best camp and you can only choose one as the best, feel free to add others, but just one #1. If I had to choose I'd say Jackson Submission Fighting, with a lot of close seconds, especially American Top Team because those guys are producing some badasses, along with Miletich Camp, Team Quest, Brazilian Top Team, Chute Boxe, Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and I'm sure a few I'm forgetting, But Greg Jackson's camp and American Top Team are where it's at in my mind.
2/18/08 2:53:53PM
I say Greg Jackson submission !!

since GSP is there they have basically the best P4P fighter in the world .

Just by training with him the other fighters are improving non stop.

We saw Marquadt having a similar take down technique as GSP when he fought Horn.

Greg is like Yoda , so no need to explain what he represent !!

I think the close second is Xtreme Couture.

2/18/08 2:55:54PM
ATT has done well. Gotta stay true to my gym though and say OJJ!!!!
2/18/08 3:02:48PM
ATT has a lot of guys fightin, not just in the ufc so a lot of people dont see there fighters i got to go with them
2/18/08 3:11:33PM
We had this discussion about a year ago. It's about time it gets brought back up cuz a lot of things have changed.

Right now I'm thinking-

#1 Greg Jackson's- Why? Everybody and their mom (including GSP) goes there to get some kick ass training in. Their record speaks for themselves.

#2 Xtreme Couture- In mid 2007 Xtreme Couture was undefeated for a couple months across all the MMA orgs.

#3 Black House- Sporting the Nog brothers, Lyoto Machida and now Anderson Silva. I think you've got to give these guys their dues.

#4 Chute Boxe- Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Anderson Silva are just a few of the names who came up in the Chute Boxe organization. Not to mention Fabricio Werdum, Thiago Silva, and Murilo "Ninja" Rua.

After these 4 it becomes a toss up for me, personally. Obviously you'd have in there AKA, ATT, Miletich, The Pit, and Team Quest. Were Randy still with Team Quest I'd say those guys are top 3, but he's not. So boo to you Randy. Haha

2/18/08 3:18:07PM
Black House is a great camp I forgot to include, good job Jackelope! Damn, and I thought I included Xtreme Couture, but I guess I didn't on accident.
2/18/08 3:18:25PM
Black House. 2 UFC champs, one UFC contender in Machida, very good group.
2/18/08 3:25:59PM
The old MFS camp. After all they did hold 3 of the 5 UFC belts at one time. 4 if u count franklin
2/18/08 3:29:19PM

Posted by cmill21

Black House. 2 UFC champs, one UFC contender in Machida, very good group.

Haha, yeah I might have to bump Black House up a spot on the list. The only reason why I put Xtreme Couture above Black House is because IMO Randy is still the UFC HW champ. I know that's stupid, and I know Randy himself has said he revokes his title, but I just think he was the king of the hill in 2007, and that won't change until mid 2008 for me.

Xtreme Couture has a headlock on women's MMA with Gina Carano in the mix, too. It is centrally located in Las Vegas, which is a big help and is a big part of the reason why so many have gone to Xtreme Couture to help prep them for a fight. Not to mention the superior cage useage techniques that are trained at Xtreme Couture.

2/18/08 3:30:23PM

Posted by MattHughesFan

The old MFS camp. After all they did hold 3 of the 5 UFC belts at one time. 4 if u count franklin

You're speaking in the past-tense bro... let it go. MFS isn't what it once was. 2 1/2 to 3 years ago you would have been 100% right that it's the best camp.
2/18/08 4:29:37PM
Its always changing IMO, a camp will go for maybe a year being the best and then another camp gets the edge. It used to be ChuteBox and Miletich were the undisputed best camps. I think Xtreme Couture and Blackhouse are the two best right now.
2/18/08 5:42:13PM
I have to say Black house.
2/18/08 6:19:34PM
No Mention of AKA

Josh Thomson
Cung Le

Not a bad camp either.
2/18/08 6:31:54PM
Black House #1 and American Top Team #2. Both camps have title contenders in each division!
2/18/08 7:13:19PM
Black House = #1. No one is close. Jackson's team is in the ball park. AKA will rock before the year is out. Everyone else seems to be sleeping. Oh shit I can't think of the other one that has been tearing it up, whatever.

BLACK HOUSE #1, NO DOUBT, NO ONE CLOSE. (that is a period)
3/7/08 2:21:45PM
American Kickboxing Academy is coming up big with the sucess of fitch and koschecks improved stand up...those guys are not jokes
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