"UFC: Best of 2007" Airs Dec. 4th on Spike TV

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11/27/07 6:36:36AM
A three-hour, year-end special entitled “UFC: Best of 2007” airs Tuesday, Dec. 4th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Spike TV.

The special, which re-airs on Saturday, Dec. 15, features highlights from the 2007 fight season, as well as a handful of never-before-seen match-ups that took place on the undercards of Spike TV fight events.

11/27/07 12:40:43PM
Cool, I remember seeing best of 2005 and thinking that it was the best way to watch quality UFC fights without the stupid buildup and interviews. I missed 2006 but I'll definitely try to watch 2007.

And yeah, I hate your AV. I cried for 8 hours when Houston lost.
11/27/07 1:57:54PM
3 hours...
11/27/07 8:36:05PM
i'm curious to see what "unaired" undercards they are going to show. I look forward to seein' those the most.

...and for the record, i quite enjoy your av.
11/28/07 9:17:03AM
Ahhh...great news to start my morning!
11/28/07 9:51:26PM
interested to see the undercard fights the ufc screws us out on every month