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11/1/09 1:43:56PM
When I bench press and really push it sometimes I get a sharp pain in my upper left tricep. Any ideas?
11/1/09 10:08:59PM
Don't push it so much.

Need a little more info to really give much advice.

What do you mean by pushing it? Are you doing other workouts before and if so what? Does other actions cause the pain.

Honestly you may be pushing it to much. Also remember we aren't doctors on here and any medical issues are best talked about with your doctor.
11/2/09 8:54:35AM
My guess is that you're relying on your triceps to push the extra weight, which to me suggests that your form is not correct. However, this is just a thought.
11/2/09 11:31:24AM
Thanks for the input guys.
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